Jan 31, 2023

Preventive Road Safety

The Active Transportation Policy Effect: Contributing to Road Safety and Sustainability

For the plan to be truly successful, change is required: in culture, outlook, and assumptions.…

Dec 20, 2022


New partnership: Crédit Agricole Assurances

We are delighted to welcome Crédit Agricole Assurances to our Better Driving Community ecosystem as…

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Dec 5, 2022

Preventive Road Safety

Car Crash Hotspots: Leveraging Machine Learning to Detect Probability, for Safer Roads

How can we reduce the estimated 9,560 lives lost on the road during the first…

Dec 1, 2022


Road safety related joint research project started

Safe mobility is at the heart of Michelin’s mission. In that spirit, a 3-way research…

Nov 8, 2022


Better Driving Community Partners’ Day

We are firm believers in the power of an ecosystem approach and our latest Better…

Oct 7, 2022


Discover the new Michelin Mobility Data Platform

Did you check out the Michelin Mobility Data Platform? As a key player in mobility,…

Oct 4, 2022


Our participation at GHSA 2022!

We couldn’t be more excited to participate to the GHSA 2022 Annual Meeting in Louisville,…

Oct 4, 2022


ITS World Congress 2022

How can data transform road management for a safer, more equitable, and sustainable mobility? That’s…

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