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We are data experts of Michelin Group, at the very heart of the strategic transformation of the world leader in mobility.
Our mission is to fulfill Michelin's "raison d'être", leading the way towards a more sustainable mobility through our data driven solutions.

With more than a billion kilometers analyzed and several tens of thousands of connected vehicles, in Europe and in the United States, we are a market leader in the analysis of mobility data.


Each year, nearly 1.3 million people die in road traffic accidents around the world.
Our vision is to use our expertise in usage analysis and driving behavior to save as many lives as possible on on the roads.
Our approach is based on three strategic pillars: improving driver behavior, road infrastructure quality and in-vehicle technologies.
We therefore perform in these three complementary fields to enhance road safety effectively.
Our societal commitment gets also concrete with our initiative "Better Driving Community" in France : a unique community of drivers committed to contribute positively to tomorrow's roads.