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SINCE 2022

RoadBotics was acquired by the Michelin Group in July 2022. They joined MICHELIN DDi’s commitment to save lives by developing solutions and insights to make roads safer.

RoadBotics by Michelin is a company specialized in image analysis (computer vision). Based in Pittsburgh, United States, RoadBotics was founded in 2016 within the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.

This acquisition will bring a complementary expertise to our driving behavior analysis know-how with the computer vision expertise developed by Roadbotics, with one objective: to unlock the potential of driving data and technology to road managers to identify and prioritize maintenance areas.

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RoadWay has enabled over 250 governments around the world objectively manage their road networks using artificial intelligence.

Assessment results are delivered using a simple 5-level, color-coded rating system, with 1 representing roads in the worst condition to 5 representing the best.

Our data can also be seamlessly integrated with other solutions.

RoadWay by RoadBotics®

AgileMapper transforms your visual infrastructure data into meaningful maps using artificial intelligence.

These interactive maps empower you to:

  • Quickly inventory assets and note their condition
  • Efficiently monitor the progress of multiple projects
  • Clearly communicate with your team
AgileMapper by RoadBotics®