Leveraging driving data to better protect pedestrians and cyclists - vulnerable road users


Vulnerable Road Users

Our solution

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Innovative services to manage your road safety plans easily and efficiently



Our ambition: To contribute to paving the way toward Vision Zero with our Safer Roads suite of services. We develop solutions to go beyond crash data to act before crashes occur.

Our services and ad hoc studies help you to better protect vulnerable road users. We can provide insights to help you define which infrastructure for active mobility is best in a given area using driving behavior analysis.

Protecting vulnerable road users thanks to driving data


Services to identify and qualify risky zones

Detect, locate and count drivings events on your road network.

Learn more and test on our “Michelin Mobility Data” platform

Driving Events

Detect, locate and rank zones of concentrated, atypical driving behavior events between cars and vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists)

Learn more and test on our “Michelin Mobility Data” platform

Near Miss Hotspots-VRU

Locate, assess and rank potential crash zones involving cyclists and pedestrians in your network.

Learn more and test on our “Michelin Mobility Data” platform

Crash probability hotspots-VRU

Depending on your use cases (analysis of a specific crash-prone area, measuring the impact of your actions…), our teams help you tackle your road safety pain points by producing an ad hoc study to leverage our unique data and driving behavior analysis’ expertise.

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Ad hoc studies


A 4.0. road infrastructure management

Transformation, digitalization and simplification of your information and analysis collection with direct access to useful data… with one click.

A unique driving data expertise

Our know-how : driving behavior analysis of millions of connected drivers for actionable insights toward safer and greener roads.

A preventative approach to infrastructure management

Detect road safety issues before an incident occurs on the network with driving behavior data agreggation.