Unlock the power of driving data

Innovation is at the very heart of Michelin Group's DNA: our expertise embodies this process towards safer mobility through data. Our expertise focuses on an accurate and continuous driving behavior analysis. This allows us to respond in an inventive way to the challenges of tomorrow's mobility.
Our know-how is based on three major differentiating factors : high-quality driving data from tens of thousands of connected vehicles. Data enrichment through advanced contextualization and our algorithms which continuously analyze driving to understand and use every second and mile of the journey.


From raw data to key insights

We're experts on the entire data processing chain: from data capture to insight generation.


We capture data using different processes in order to cover all the granularities of mobility data: we develop our own sensors, we use SmaaS technologies or data acquired thanks to our partners, depending on the precision of the data needed for the analysis.


By enriching raw data, we precisely put driving data in-context and we transform it by applying our algorithms and models of driving behavior analysis.


An app for drivers, portals and APIs for managers and decision-makers and even dashboards for data scientists. We use and enhance data in tools adapted to your application and your business challenges.

Driving behavior, our core business

High-quality, various and smart data

Accurate behavior analysis begins with precise data. Our sensors, based on a high frequency of data, allow us to achieve a unique and savvy analysis. Our partnerships and synergies within the Michelin Group in the field of telematics allow us to cover a large variety of mobility data.

data infrastructure highway
Contextualisation des données de conduite

Contextualized and enriched data

To understand and analyze one's behavior, we must be able to isolate behavior from driving environment. We very precisely contextualize our data thanks to an infinite amount of context combinations: weather, road characteristics, time of day…

Continuous analysis, an innovative model

Our algorithms, developed over years of research and development, continuously analyze driving behavior. We do not limit ourselves to accounting extreme events. We analyze every second that we compare to the driving benchmark: the driving behavior that we have defined and built on the analysis of over a billion kilometers. It reflects safe driving behavior adapted to the context encountered.

analyse en continu


Platforms and computing capabilities

Capturing, processing and storing large volumes of data is at the heart of MICHELIN DDI's activity. Our secure, cloud-based platforms allow us to manage complex calculations as well as large and growing volumes of data.


Data Science and mobility

Our Data Science teams are experts in the analysis of vehicle usage and driving behavior. They have developed specific algorithms that help shape safer mobility: the detailed assessment of driving behavior, the analysis of road infrastructures by aggregating behavior on the network and the forecast of vehicle usage induced by behavior.

Insights Generation

We commit our expertise in data mobility and its analysis to your business issues and challenges. We use the data and transform it in order to answer your problems: we build new models and create insights linked to your use cases.


Digital tools for data rendering

Our solutions allow you to enjoy the use of digital tools, designed to easily and efficiently render your data: mobile apps, Web portals, API catalog or analytical capabilities for data processing, we have the tools adapted to your project and to your needs.