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Our presence at Autonomy Mobility World Expo


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    Autonomy Mobility World Expo is the world largest annual gathering of international policymakers, institutions, NGOs, corporations, companies, and start-ups focused on sustainable urban mobility solutions welcoming 200+ exhibitors, 300+ speakers, and 8,000+ participants every year in March.

    Our teams were present on March 22nd and 23rd, Porte de Versailles, at booth D16 .

    We had two panels on our Safer Roads services and our Better Driving Community initiative.

    The first one covered a critical question, which has become even more critical with the recent changes in urban mobility: how to better protect vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists…)? could technology and data be a game changer?

    The second panel focused on how an ecosystem approach between groups, experts in mobility, can facilitate innovation for safer and more sustainable mobility (with our partners CGI, TotalEnergies and Crédit Agricole Assurances).

    We had memorable days with lots of discussions and rich meetings!

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