On 04/06/2019

Data Intelligence supporting drivers and their mobility for safer roads DDI – an offer of Michelin grou

Driving Data to Intelligence, a Michelin group offer

Since 1889, Michelin is the leader in mobility usage analysis and the expert in vehicle dynamics. This position placed information and data intelligence at the heart of the Group’s know-how.

In 2012, all this expertise was invested in the creation of Driving Data to Intelligence (DDI). This offer of Michelin group brings solutions to capture, transform and deliver driving and usage data, in order to build a better mobility.

Data Science, for a safer and smarter mobility

From data capture through state-of-the-art sensors, to its transformation into indicators and services, DDI operates at every level of the data value chain and offers an innovative solution empowering drivers. This solution combines AI and a brand new smartphone application to improve driving behaviors. In that respect, Driving Data to Intelligence creates the digital seat belt.

At the heart of the relation between drivers and the road, DDI gathers various driving and usage data (movement, acceleration, braking …) to drive safety forward.

Once analyzed and transformed, these data become an added value facilitating decision making and services development for mobility actors.

Better Driving Community: a community of committed drivers for a better mobility.

Driving Data to Intelligence just launched a unique initiative in France aiming to create a community of drivers committed to safer roads. Called Better Driving Community, it enables drivers to anonymously share their driving data. DDI provides them with a smartphone app on which they can follow their progress through driving scores & personalized advice.

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On 23/05/2019

« FROM AMBITION TO ACTION » – Driving Data to Intelligence for the Movin’On Summit 2019 in Montreal

DDI, an offer of Michelin group, is proud to announce its presence as exhibiting partner at the 2019 Movin’On Summit. This third edition of the World Summit on Sustainable Mobility will take place in Montréal on June 4th – 6th 2019. DDI will be among the 5,000 leaders from academia, civil society, cities, countries and corporations who will assemble to collectively explore actionable solutions for sustainable transportation in order to define the future of mobility. During this “Davos of Mobility”, Driving Data to intelligence will present its innovative solution for a safer and smarter mobility. A press conference will be held on June 5th to reveal our latest news.