Safer Roads

our solution

Innovative APIs to reinvent road infrastructure management

Our API service platform has been defined to ease road network assessment and management, to help make informed decisions. Our services are based on an in-depth analysis of driving behavior in order to detect risky zones on the network, define maintenance priorities and assess the efficiency and safety of infrastructures.

Infrastructures routières


Integrate our services to identify and determine risks. Evaluate your interventions on the road network.

Detect abnormal behavior around specific zones or points of interest thanks to MICHELIN DDI’s unique driving behavior analysis.

Classify the zones according to braking and acceleration measurements captured, to determine the road risk.

Risky zone detection

Assess the quality of the surface with our unique ability to analyze vehicle vertical variations and detect specific zones similar to potholes.

Road network irregularities detection

Quantify the impact of the safety installations on the network (speed bumps, roundabouts, etc.) and the effective improvement of road safety thanks to our dedicated API.

Safety measures' effectiveness assessement


A 4.0. road infrastructure management 

Transformation, digitalization and simplification of your information and analysis collection thanks to a direcct access to useful data….with one click.

A preventive approach to infrastructure maintenance

The continuous analysis of driving behavior combined with the context of the information collected on a given perimeter makes it possible to detect irregularities even before an incident occurs on the network.

A unique expertise and excellent network coverage

Data provided from millions of connected vehicles in Europe and in North America thanks to a variety of capture solutions and partnerships, thus leading to the best possible coverage.