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Innovative APIS to deploy vehicle maintenance at the core of your ecosystem

Outsource vehicle maintenance lifecycle to focus your efforts on your business, thanks to our expertise in vehicle data processing and access to official manufacturer recommendations.

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Let your data speak thanks to our API catalog

The Vehicle Selector API allows you to identify your vehicles and access vehicle details with brand, model and version data or with its registration number.

Vehicle identification

Taking care of vehicles requires proper knowledge about them. Our Vehicle Datasheet API gives you access to structured and precise data and characteristics of the selected vehicle from the manufacturer’s databases.

Vehicle specifications

Our API Car maintenance book gives you an optimized maintenance plan for each vehicle based on the usage conditions and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your drivers are automatically notified at the right time when to schedule the necessary maintenance.

Preventive maintenance


Reliable data based on the manufacturer's maintenance plans 

Our algorithms based on the manufacturer's indications grant a qualitative approach based on actual usage.

A preventive approach to vehicle maintenance

The continuous analysis of driving behavior combined with vehicle usage provides maintenance planning  before an incident or risky worn out levels.

Maximized customer loyalty

Send maintenance alerts to build customer loyalty thanks to our Car maintenance book API with your digital maintenance book service.


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Club Identicar

Club Identicar has chosen MICHELIN DDI to support the development of the "My vehicle" functionality available in the Club Identicar mobile app.

This new functionality must allow users to monitor the maintenance of their vehicle, according to their use of it.

MICHELIN DDI provided Club Identicar with an API Car Maintenance Book to outsource all the complexity of vehicle data management: urban / rural use, number of kilometers traveled per year, the choice of the maintenance plan recommended by the manufacturer...

The functionality was implemented in a few weeks and perfectly integrated into the Club Identicar app. Several thousands of users were able to activate the functionality, proof of the real interest of drivers for the digital service book.