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ITS World Congress 2022


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    How can data transform road management for a safer, more equitable, and sustainable mobility?

    That’s the question we asked during the panel session we host at the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles (September 18-22).

    A very good opportunity for Michelin to explain and demonstrate how driving behavior data can be a game-changer to contribute to safer roads, facilitating preventive road safety plans.

    Embodied by MICHELIN DDi – Driving Data to Intelligence and RoadBotics by Michelin, our services and connected solutions aim indeed to support the decision-making of road managers by leveraging driving behavior data for safer mobility.

    As part of this commitment to making mobility safer, Michelin announced at the event the launch of a new suite of services. Its purpose? Helping to prevent crashes by identifying “near-misses”!

    To learn more : https://bit.ly/3QPyTFb