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A "driving data lake" platform for all of your analytics needs

Mobility Insights is a custom platform for collaboration and innovation thanks to the use of mobility data.

It provides a complete range of tools and services allowing you to create insights that will benefit your business challenges.

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Data and analytical skills for your use cases

Our Driving Data Lake gives you access to fresh, high-quality driving data from millions of journeys.

Access quality data

You can work on our data and enrich it with the addition of your own data: build your data science models and conduct your studies in complete autonomy and security.

Data enrichment and hybridization

Make the data speak by creating your reports and visualizations. Easily build the reports that you need: customized dashboards, visualizations of your models or indicators.

Access the power of data

No data science resources available?
An expertise on the behavioral data of driving required?
You will appreciate Michelin DDI’s Data science expertise with our complete service offer from data integration to the production of insights, trust us with the analysis of your use cases.

A range of services available for your use cases


A complete platform to work and process data

Access data, process it and format it through a dashboard: all the functionalities you need are available.

Enrichment and hybridization capacities 

Enjoy secure storage and work space to create your use cases.

A flexible and custom offer

MobilityInsights adapts to your needs: from self-service to a full service package, the offer can be adapted to meet your use cases.