Manage road maintenance easily and efficiently thanks to our API catalog

Detect risky zones

No need to wait for complaints or accidents to intervene on the network. Thanks to our API catalog, risky zones are automatically identified by using real data from the behavior of road users.
détection des zones à risque
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Risk characterization to prioritize your maintenance interventions

Our API catalog allows you to classify risk levels by quickly and easily accessing precise data on your analysis scope. You are thus able to make recommendations approved by the data.

Monitor and assess the effectiveness of interventions

Our data allows you to quantify the impact of interventions on the road network. By comparing the situation before and after, you can valorize your investments.

évaluation sécurité des infrastructures
statistics digital hands michelin

Create your own insights, build your own models

Access the power of data by using the tools of our MobilityInsights Platform, as well as the analysis and research services provided by our Data Science teams

The benefits

Our objective: help you achieve your goals and your digital transformation

Welcome to road infrastructure management 4.0.

Transformation, digitalization and simplification of your information and analysis collection thanks to a direcct access to useful data….with one click.

A preventive approach to road infrastructure maintenance

The continuous analysis of driving behavior over an aggregated perimeter of thousands of road users makes it possible to detect risks, even before an accident occurs on the network.

Unique expertise and an excellent network coverage

Data provided from millions of connected vehicles in Europe and in North America thanks to a variety of capture solutions and partnerships, thus leading to the best possible coverage.


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Mobility by Colas

A decision support service for infrastructure development

The Colas group with its branch Mobility by Colas has launched the ANAIS innovation: a decision support service for infrastructure development. This is enabled by the expertise and analysis from aggregated vehicle behavior data by MICHELIN DDI Data Science teams.
The concentration of abnormal behavioral indicators on the driver’s panel helps locate sections of the road network that may be dangerous. The identification of these risky zones allows Mobility by Colas to analyze, as an infrastructure expert, the identified sections and to make recommendations to public decision-makers.

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No need to choose between quality and speed. Thanks to our white label solutions and our API catalogs, deploy your project very quickly and enjoy the full benefits of innovation through data.

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Benefit from the flexibility of our solutions and customize the offer that best suits your needs. Our solutions, built in blocks, can be easily customized to create a tailor-made service.


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We combine our expertise with Michelin DDI to achieve our common ambition: making roads safer through a pragmatic and cooperative approach to road safety and responsible mobility.

Fabrice luriot

Fabrice luriotDirector Mobility By Colas