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New Michelin technology can help protect pedestrians, cyclists


  • MICHELIN DDi to launch Vulnerable Road Users Service at PWX 2022

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MICHELIN DDi to launch Vulnerable Road Users Service at PWX 2022

  • “Near Miss / VRU” (Vulnerable Road Users) Service from the “Safer Roads” Suite from MICHELIN DDi helps identify risky zones for people on foot and on bikes
  • Technology leverages Michelin’s unique expertise in driving behavior data and machine learning capabilities, utilizing more than 40 million US drivers
  • Big reveal will happen Aug. 28-31 at APWA’s annual PWX Show in Charlotte, N.C.

GREENVILLE, S.C., August 28, 2022 — Urban transportation is about to get a lot less stressful, thanks to Michelin.

MICHELIN® DDi, dedicated to more sustainable mobility through data solutions, is set to launch the Vulnerable Road Users Service this month. The new technology uses a machine-learning model to detect and assess urban locations where traffic might be especially dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. “MICHELIN DDi is excited to present this new technology due to the increased benefits it offers our customers,” said Guillaume Puiseux, chief strategy and marketing officer for MICHELIN DDi and RoadBotics. “As traffic in urban centers continues to grow, becoming more multi-modal and more challenging, the ability to anticipate, identify and avoid these risky patterns creates a safer environment not only for pedestrians and cyclists, but drivers as well.” Utilizing five measurable traffic events, triggers of near-misses, and proprietary algorithms, the “Near Miss / VRU” Service delivers a severity ranking of potential near-miss areas with pedestrians and cyclists, allowing urban planners the ability to unlock the power of driving behavior data and potentially reduce the risk of accidents. The PWX show, the American Public Works Association’s annual convention, takes place Aug. 28 -31. It will also be the first show where MICHELIN DDi will be joined by RoadBotics by Michelin teams, the recent acquisition from The Michelin Group, a U.S. start-up specializing in the image analysis of road infrastructures. The recent acquisition is a further illustration of Michelin’s ambitions around tires, in particular in the field of mobility intelligence.

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