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A partnership between Cerema and MICHELIN DDi


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    In February 2022, Cerema and MICHELIN DDi signed a partnership agreement to develop and implement a methodology for testing an atypical curve detection service to facilitate preventive road management and improve road user safety.

    Our Atypical Curves service allows us to qualify the risk of extra-urban turns present on the road heritage to anticipate the interventions to be carried out before an accident occurs.


    With this partnership, the objective is to work on the process proposed by our Atypical Curves service. Thus, on a selection of bends taking into account the typology of the infrastructure, Cerema studies in particular the relevance of the Bend Risk Index in relation to the infrastructure and the road environment.


    Guillaume Puiseux, MICHELIN DDi Strategy & Marketing Director

    “Our “Atypical Curves” service contributes to a major advance: it helps prevent accidents by identifying high-risk areas through the analysis of driving behavior.

    We bring a new perspective beyond accident data, in order to save a maximum number of lives on the roads. Our partnership with Cerema is an important collaboration to achieve our common goal of safer roads.”


    Peggy SUBIRATS, Head of the Cerema’s Infrastructure Safety and Operation Assessment Group

    “The service developed by MICHELIN DDi provides new information and action levers thanks to the analysis of driving behavior for safer mobility. It fully contributes to our challenges and our mission at Cerema: we are delighted to collaborate on this innovation by providing our expertise to facilitate preventive road management.”


    Discover our Atypical Curves service here ?https://developer.ddi.michelin.com/apis/safer-roads/atypical-curves