Varied use cases are are possiblefor OEMs and equipment manufacturers, road infrastructure sector, connected insurance and vehicle fleets.

Making the road safer is to anticipate it, to understand it, to turn the risk factor into a factor of knowledge.

We then support companies and drivers in an objective assessment of risks.

We transform usages by integrating real time into analysis data. We guide everyone to a new definition of the relationship between the driver and his / her use of the road.

For the

A big potential for innovation through customization, at all levels.

By integrating driver awareness, and by optimizing claims management for optimal visibility of the conditions of occurrence.

For car parts

A major asset for improving vehicle equipment.

By integrating real knowledge of driving habits and behaviors for an ever more efficient and secure product quality.

For authorities
and road agencies

A strenght to improve the road infrastructure thanks to a better visibility on the use and the state of the roads.

Reduce risk areas to provide safer roads.

For vehicle

A strong potential to identify axis for cost and operations optimizations.

For example, usage analytics and vehicle predictive maintenance.