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A connected driving coach for drivers

IDEAL DRIVER PRO, our mobile app involves and encourages each driver to become a "Safer Driver". As a Plug & Play platform, customizable and available as a white label solution, the app allows each driver to access a continuous analysis of his driving behavior. Thanks to our precise scores, our tailor-made coaching and our retention mechanisms, drivers quickly and significantly improve their driving behavior.

évaluation comportement de conduite


An engaging and impactful mobile app to improve driving behavior over time

The collected and enriched data is transformed into a behavioral analysis of one’s driving, then restored in the form of an overall score and sub-scores: Pace, Adaptability, Anticipation.


Individual driving advice based on the different scores and usage context specific to each driver is provided. An interactive map also allows the user to identify and understand his risky behaviors.


Thanks to driving badges, rankings and challenges, drivers make a long-term commitment to progress. You can also set up reward mechanisms to cheer on your drivers.


You can communicate with your users through the app, this becomes a new touchpoint for customer interaction. Set up notifications and push any type of message from our engagement portal.

Communication and interaction


Unique R&D in behavior analysis

Our scores are based on a continuous analysis of driving behavior and are enhanced with weather context and road characteristics.

A personalized and interactive coaching program

We take into account the score levels, the weaknesses and the usage context of each driver to provide an accurate and effective coaching program.

Features co-designed with users

Built to reinforce user value, the app ensures engagement and retention to create a long lasting beneficial impact.

A platform that adapts to your needs

White label, customizable, modular with the activation of various functionalities… thus leading to an app adapted to your needs


Better Driving Community

A unique drivers’ community committed to safer mobility, a project initiated by Michelin Group – thousands of users benefiting from our driving coach solution everyday.

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