Deploy your CSR and road safety strategies thanks to our connected solutions

Perform a rapid and precise audit of the road risks of your fleet

Our unique analysis of driving usage and behaviors summed up in our DDI driving score allows you to quickly assess the risk profile of your employees and segment them accurately to identify those who need training.


Deploy a road safety approach easily and effectively with your employees

Our IDEAL DRIVER PRO app supports each of your employees to effectively improve their driving behavior. Your employees make progress on the driving aspects that are important to their safety.

Lead and engage your teams to promote safe driving behavior

Involve your employees over time through our Driver Engagement Portal: encourage your teams to progress and develop a culture of prevention: targeted communications, driving challenges, ranking ...


Monitor and assess the effectiveness of your preventive actions

Our data allows you to quantify the impact of your actions. By comparing the situation before and after, you can add value to your actions and monitor the decrease in accident rate.

Create your own insights, build your own models

Access the power of data by using the tools of our MobilityInsights Platform, as well as the analysis and research services provided by our Data Science teams.


The benefits

Our objective: help you achieve your goals and your digital transformation

A contextualized and continous analysis of driving behavior

We enhance driving data with data qualifying the driver's environment. We continuously analyze every second of driving to effectively assess the behavior as a whole.

A personalized and interactive coaching program

Our continuous analysis model makes it possible to provide a personalized and impactful coaching to each driver on our mobile app. You will therefore help promote safe driving behavior on a daily basis.

A driving score as a proven indicator of risk

Our technology allows drivers to be assessed accurately: using the DDI driving score, the risk profile is accurately defined according to the real behavior of the driver.

An effective impact on driving behavior

Drivers who use our IDEAL DRIVER PRO app gradually improve their driving behavior: we notice an increase of up to 8 points in their score in a few months, which is preserved over time.

A solid and simplified road safety prevention plan

Our portal allows you to design a road safety approach for your fleet, simply and efficiently. Access your indicators to check and monitor progress. Involve your teams with targeted messages, challenges... Simplify and make your prevention strategy a reality!


View our use cases : customer projects using our solutions

HDI Global SE

Prevention of road risks for fleets

HDI Global SE and Michelin are pooling their combined skills in order to prevent fleet road risks. The vehicles are equipped with a connected box that collects driving data*. This data is then processed and fed back to the driver via the Ideal Driver Pro application and to the fleet manager via an indicator report. The information provided in the form of a driving score for each vehicle allows action to be taken in several areas:

– Better understand the impact of driving behaviour on the claims rate.

– Identify risky driving behaviours and provide professionals with the necessary means to raise awareness and train drivers with a coaching module.

HDI Global SE will promote this innovative approach among its company fleet clients.

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