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A continuous analysis leading to a unique assessment of driving behavior

Studying driving behavior is at the heart of our expertise. Our algorithm, built and improved over several years of R&D, accurately analyzes driving behavior. We assess the major risks and accident factors, thus making our score a reliable risk indicator.



Relevant sub-scores determine an overall score that represents behavior and linked risks.

Speed ​​is one of the main causes of road risks. Our Pace Score assesses the ability of drivers to drive at a steady and correct speed according to the condition of the traveled road.

Pace Score

A safe driver is a driver who anticipates events and reacts effectively. Our Anticipation Score assesses the distance and intensity of all stopping actions as well as the frequency of brake usage.

Anticipation Score

Our Adaptability Score analyzes the driver’s ability to adjust his speed to weather conditions.

Adaptability Score


The innovation of a continuous analysis model 

Unlike models based only on events, we analyze every second of one's driving to accurately assess the driver's behavior.

Advanced contextualization

By enriching the driving data with external context data (weather, road type, etc.), we precisely isolate the driver behavior from environment.

An indicator of road risk 

The accuracy of our score allows us to identify a clear link between the driving score and accident rate.


Better Driving Community

A unique drivers’ community committed to safer mobility, a project initiated by Michelin Group – thousands of users benefiting from our driving coach solution everyday.

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