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Engage your drivers to boost their progress

Relevant and regular interactions with your drivers are crucial for their engagement and retention. It is with this in mind that we designed the Driver Engagement Portal: a solution that completes the Ideal Driver Pro mobile app and gives you the ability to manage and animate your community of drivers.



Monitor, communicate and engage with your drivers in a single platform

Access a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) on the activity of your community and the analysis of driving behavior.

Indicators on your community

Communicate easily and directly with your drivers on the Ideal Driver Pro app. Messaging and notification systems can be customized and configured to enhance engagement and accelerate behavior improvement.

An interface to manage interactions with drivers

Encourage good driving behaviors by setting individual or collective challenges or by activating a ranking plan.

Complete these functionalities with a points reward mechanism, the points can be transformed into rewards for your drivers.

Gamification, Motivation and Rewards


Access our indicators, confirmed factors of road risk 

Our technology allows drivers to be precisely qualified: using the DDI driving score, the risk profile is determined according to the real behavior of the driver.

CRM functionalities to encourage driver loyalty 

Interacting with your drivers is one of your priorities: our portal gives you the means to communicate independently by sending messages and notifications.

A solid and simplified road safety prevention plan

Our portal allows you to design a road safety approach for your fleet, simply and efficiently. Access your indicators to check and monitor progress. Involve your teams with targeted messages, challenges... Simplify and make your prevention strategy a reality!